09 February 2007

How to install .bin in Ubuntu

i.e. for google earth:

sudo aptitude install googleearth

08 February 2007

Using WINE to run Windows applications

From Applications > Add/Remove > type 'WINE' in search box. On the list Tick 'Wine Windows Emulator' then 'OK' to install.

To run an applications, copy the Windows application to the desktop. Then go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal

Then type in 'wine '. For example 'wine Desktop/setup.exe'.

If it looks for a .dll, you can download it from dlldump.com and copy it to the application folder before running wine.

Applications run so far:
ABC123 (kid's game)

Still trying:
MYOB - during installation it's looking for IE 5.5 (duh)
Cisco VTII Camera - still trying to 'make' a development driver

06 February 2007

Ubuntu is better than XP!

My first Linux installation (Ubuntu) and on my IBM T23 notebook :

Video: no need to install driver, screen type detected automatically
Sound: no need to install driver
Trackpoint: no need to install driver
Office application: Already there (OpenOffice)
Printer Canon S100SP: USB plugged in, and immediately recognised
Camera Canon S30: USB plugged in, and immediately usable

Windows XP

Video: required driver from IBM
required driver from IBM
Trackpoint: required driver from IBM
Office application: required program (MS Office)
Printer Canon S100SP: required driver from Canon
Camera Canon S30:
required driver from Canon

Current score: Ubuntu:6, Windows XP:0